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Dr. Vincenzo Matera, M.D.

Professional training and curriculum of Dr. Vincenzo Matera

Medicine and Surgery degree at the Universities of Florence and Naples “Federico II“.
8/Feb/1984 graduation in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Naples “Federico II“ with discussion of a thesis on the use of CO2 laser in the oncology surgery of the larynx and enrollment in the registry of the Order of Doctors of Salerno.
24/Jul/1987 specialization with the highest marks and honors in Otolaryngory at the ORL School of Specialization in the University of Naples “Federico II“ with discussion of a thesis on dynamic active anterior rhinomanometry.
30/Oct/1991 specialization in Audiology, with the highest marks, at the School of Specialization in Audiology of the University of Naples “Federico II“ with discussion of a thesis on the middle ear and cleft palate.
19/Oct /1995 specialization in Phonics, with the highest marks, at the School of Specialization in Phonics of the University of Naples “Federico II“ with discussion of a thesis on voice alterations in pathologies of neurological interest.
For many years an internal student, Dr. Vincenzo Matera attended the Institute of ENT Clinic of the University of Naples “Federico II“, participating in a number of scientific researches subsequently published and in clinical and operating room activities.
In addition to the above mentioned University Clinic Dr. Vincenzo Matera attended as well the ENT department of the “S.Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi d’Aragona“ Hospital in Salerno and the “S.Maria dell’Olmo“ Hospital in Cava dei Tirreni.
A winner of a public competition he was hired as Medical Assistant with tenure at the ENT Operations Unit of the “Luigi Curto“Hospital in Polla (SA).
After winning a new competition he was appointed ENT Co-Responsible Aid of Role at the afore mentioned Hospital with responsibility for Audiovestibology,Day-Surgery and Day-Hospital.
Currently, once again the winner of a public notice in “Luigi Curto“Hospital in Polla, Dr. Vincenzo Matera is Director of the Operational Unit and Head of the Second Level Regional Center for Neonatal Deafness Screening.
For several years a professor of ENT and Cervico-Facial Pathology at the C.R.I. Voluntary Nurse School and at the School of Professional Nurses of ASL Salerno 3, Dr. Vincenzo Matera has published on scientific journals and carried out ,as first surgeon, thousands of otolaryngology procedures .
Dr. Vincenzo Matera constantly updates his skills by attending annual refresher and training courses.



It is the first contact between the patient and the ENT specialist.After a clinical history and physical examination of the ears, nasal cavities and  throat, a diagnosis will be made.  If indicated, an indirect laryngoscopic examination of the  hypopharynx, larynx and voical cords  will be carried out. This will make it possible to make a diagnosis or prescribe further specialized examinations.


The pure tone audiometry examination is the behavioral  measurement of a patient’s hearing thresholds across the range of frequencies most important for hearing speech.. It is a non-invasive examination conducted in a soundproof booth following the otoscopic exam (clinical examination of the ear).


Speech audiometry measures the threshold of understanding speech (by presenting two syllable words) as well as the patient’s ability to discriminate speech at a supra threshold level (by presenting monosyllabic words).

Both pure tone and speech audiometry are measured with specialized audiometric equipment.

Available every day by appointment, public holidays excluded , except for emergency



It is the last stretch of the upper airways having the pharyx at the top and the trachea at the bottom. It allows the passage of air, the phonation through the vibration of the vocal cords and is responsible for the protection of the trachea during swallowing due to the epiglottis.


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